Professional Women’s Lunches is a movement to help women learn the importance of building and nurturing a strong professional network.

About PWL

We’ve all heard the quote “It’s not what you know, but who you know”; but have you heard “Without trust, you have nothing”.

Based on statistics from LinkedIn, 73% of B2B buyers prefer sales professionals that have been referred by someone they know and 87% of B2B buyers state having a favorable impression of salespeople introduced to them through someone from their professional network.

Company valuations are increasingly based on intangibles (brand, market position, business systems and knowledge). In 2015, Ocean Tomo, complied their regular study of intangible asset market value and found intangible assets made up 87% of S&P 500 market value. Trust and reputation are important components of a company or personal brand.

You are your own brand

In marketing circles, “The Rule of 7” states that a sales prospect would need to hear or see your marketing message at least 7 times before they would take action. However with the amount of noise that many of us are bombarded with on a daily basis through email and social media, are we getting the message?

Professional Women’s Lunches is GLOBAL community for professional women to connect and nurture relationships to build trust.

We’re a community, built by women for women. We understand that you’re busy, actually you’re not just busy – sometimes you’re overcommitted and overwhelmed. But we know you’ve still got goals and dreams.

So we’re going back to basics, building a physical and virtual environment where women can build all important and diverse connections in a way that makes sense to them.

At PWL, we believe that men and women nurture a network of approx. 500 people on a regular basis – family, colleagues, friend etc.

Let’s do the math:

Your immediate connections                       500
Your connections’ connections                    500

Possible connections                                     250,000

Nurturing your connections with genuine intent of a win / win creates endless possibilities.


Instead of attending a networking event with a speaker where you are lucky to even talk to the person either side of you let alone build trust or a relationship, , our lunches allow you to relax over a meal, and just get to know the other women at the table. We keep the number of people at the table to a minimum (no more than eight) and we actively encourage you to do a catch-up coffee with those you didn’t get a chance to chat with.

Our secure virtual environment supports you to learn more about yourself and others within our community. Learn how to become more visible, learn the unspoken business rules that may be holding you back or expand your knowledge through our virtual book club. We also have curated snack-able content from inspiring female (and male) subject matter experts providing you knowledge, tools and insights in being an employee, a small business owner or an entrepreneur.


Women of diverse backgrounds

Stop doing more and take some time for yourself. Make new connections, strengthen current connections and give yourself permission to extend your successful professional career through networking.

We think you’re important and we welcome you to join our GLOBAL community of professional women.

About Kistin Gunnis

Kistin Gunnis

At the end of 2014, I left corporate life and struggled to leave my bed from exhaustion and depression. I felt socially isolated, was taking numerous prescription medications and generally felt undervalued.

Having lived with the diagnosis of Bi-Polar since my thirties and being the controlling type, I knew that lying in bed feeling sorry for myself wasn’t going to cut it.

In the first year post corporate, I began reconnecting with many of my previous colleagues and attending networking events. I had always measured my self-worth on my work achievements and no longer being in a corporate role wasn’t helping my sense of worth or my ability to go forth and conquer the world on a daily basis.

Self-worth quote

Two years on from corporate life, sees me working regularly with a personal trainer, eating healthier (I still have a serious sweet tooth). I’ve lost nearly two clothing sizes and have started to remove some of the prescription meds. I’ve got a lot more energy, even managing to do two full days of networking a week.  I wouldn’t say I’m back to normal, I would say I’m creating a new normal and for that I’m pretty thankful.

What started out as a way to reconnect with others, led me to recreating myself and reassessing how I see myself.   It also led to the creation of Professional Women’s Lunches, and what a wonderful thing it is. What started as a lunch for four women has organically grown into a GLOBAL community of professional women and I want to thank all of those involved in helping me along the way.

Various lunch photos

As I look ahead, I know that I still have a long way to go personally and professionally and I have a great support team behind me cheering me on. For me, making strategic connections on a daily basis is my way of lifting up another person every day and it makes me smile.

My hope is that PWL and all the women (and men) who support PWL, help lift you up and become part of your cheer squad, cheering you on to your chosen dreams and hopes.

Nurture your network! Are you having three coffee catch-ups a week? Kistin

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