Claire Fulford – Geelong, Australia

Claire Fulford – Geelong, Australia

Claire Fulford – Geelong, Australia


Claire Fulford is the Director of 27 Lanterns, a company committed to helping organisations create and sustain effective information security teams and establish security as a way of working.  Claire has a Bachelors Degree in Policing Studies, Post Graduate studies in e-Crime Investigation and executive coaching qualifications.  Her key interest areas are in growing and coaching clients from graduates to leaders and helping businesses to establish exceptional information security practices.

Claire is passionate about the value of building and maintaining strong relationships having led cultural change and engagement programs throughout her career.  After returning from living and working in Hong Kong in 2015, Claire joined PWL to share experiences with like minded people and re-establish a strong Australian network.  Originally from Geelong, Claire is a mother of two boys, an aspiring runner, an industry volunteer and blogger.

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