Diaries of a Professional Woman: Entry #13

Diaries of a Professional Woman: Entry #13

Natalie Godward

Industry Coordinator & Cruise Manager

I work in Tourism on the beautiful Sapphire Coast – managing tourism product and looking after cruise ships coming to Eden. I’m also a director on a Southern NSW tourism board and often volunteer to run several events and activities locally. Most importantly, I’m also a single mother of 2 beautiful girls whom I encourage to think for themselves and aspire for the top. And I also have a fantastic group of girlfriends who keep me sane!

Let’s find out a little more about our member Natalie…….

  • If you could go back in time and give your 20 year old self career advice, what would it be?  Believe in yourself and shoot for the top, knock backs will happen – the best thing you can do is learn from them.
  • What has been the highlight of your career so far?  Being involved in the early stages of the development of tourism product and cruise visitation to the Sapphire Coast – exciting times to be involved in a rapidly growing industry!
  • Tell us how you ended up in the industry you’re in?  After volunteering in the role of President for the local Chamber of Commerce, I ended up being on a number of committees and organising local events. I quickly realised that tourism was my passion and chased every opportunity I could to join the industry locally.
  • What’s your number one career goal?  To reach the top of my game and build my reputation beyond the local area.
  • What do you hope women will have achieved in the next 50 years?  The courage and drive to strive for equality in recognition and opportunity – we’re getting there!
  • What time of day are you most effective?  What could you achieve by blocking out an hour a day just for you?  Morning
  • What career do I secretly wish I was qualified for?  Travel writer….all those famils!
  • What did you want to be as a kid?  CEO of BHP!  yep, really!
  • If every time I entered the room a song played, what would that song be?  Superwoman – Alicia Keys.

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